Tennis to Soccer

Growing up as a child of Indian immigrants in the USA, my childhood was a blend of two cultures. Born into a family that valued hard work and determination, my parents instilled in me the importance of pursuing my passions.

In those early years, tennis was my game of choice.

The tennis court was my playground, and the sound of the racquet hitting the ball echoed the joy of those carefree days. However, everything changed when I entered 2nd grade.

New passion Soccer

It was then that the unwavering support and strength of my father guided me towards a new passion – soccer. With his encouragement, I embraced a new journey on the soccer field. The transition was not just a shift in sports; it marked the beginning of a deeper connection with a game that would become a significant part of my identity.

Deeper connection

Soccer became more than just a sport; it became a language through which I could express myself, connect with others, and navigate the challenges of growing up in a diverse society. Soccer became more than just a sport; it became a language through which I could express myself, connect with others, and navigate the challenges of growing up in a diverse society.

I'm ambitious, hardworking, fun-loving, and friendly.
01. This journey marks just the beginning of my pursuit of excellence.

I spent 5 years at NCFC (North Carolina Football Club) from 2016 to 2021, playing at the highest level for my age group. This experience was pivotal in developing my technique and passion for soccer. Working with talented coaches transformed me into a better player, and I know my journey is just beginning

The above five years of dedication at NCFC sculpted my skills and ignited my passion for soccer. Guided by talented coaches, I've evolved into a stronger player.

02. Elevating My Soccer and Academic Journey

Signing with Barca Residency Academy in Casa Grande, AZ, linked to Arizona State University Prep, exposed me to top-level European soccer. Two years there enhanced my academics and sports, winning awards and engaging in community service. Interacting with international students and athletes broadened my cultural understanding while traveling with the soccer team pushed me to compete at the highest level.

With Barca in the past 2 years, I lived and embraced professional soccer player experience which I will own for the rest of my life and I'm ready to take up my next challenges as they come.

Embracing the European Football Journey
03. A Journey of Growth and Determination

Moved to Villarreal, Spain, to join Villarreal CF (a Division 1 club in La Liga) for their International Player Development Program in August 2023. Since then, I've immersed myself in the European style of football and am eager to compete at the highest level and showcase my skills. My time in Spain with Villarreal CF has instilled in me the belief that I can rival the best talents in the soccer world, with each day presenting new learning opportunities.

Adjusting to a new country, place, people, and language while understanding Spanish culture and adapting to new coaching methods and gameplay has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. The faster, more physical style of play has strengthened my resolve, and I'm confident that I've grown into a better player through the world-class training provided by Villarreal CF, with continuous improvement every day.

Behold my masterpiece on the pitch!
My best soccer shot is not just a kick

It's a symphony of skill, precision, and passion. Here's to the magic that happens when dedication meets the sweet spot.🔥

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Celebration of effort, skill, and pure happiness
Joy of scoring beyond the game

Every soccer shot is a moment of exhilaration, a glimpse of the sheer joy. Here's to the bliss that lingers long after the ball hits the net.😄

#SoccerJoy #ScoreAndSmile
Capturing moments of passion, teamwork, and the beautiful game.
Each photo tells a story of the magic found on the soccer field. ⚽